Our turf removal machines set us apart

When looking at our heavy turf removal machines, you wouldn’t expect them to be the nimble precision tools that they are.

Sports Field Removal’s TurfCutter cuts the synthetic grass carpet in wide strips, causing zero damage to the base. The TurfMuncher 5000 is a custom-built piece of equipment that removes the infill safely and prepares it for recycling or reuse. The TurfMuncher 5000 and the TurfCutter prepare the artificial grass carpet and the infill beneath for recycling, leading to the industry’s highest yield of reclaimed, reusable materials.

Together, these turf removal machines equal speed and precision.

Let’s take a closer look at our machinery:

TRS Equipment: The TRS line of equipment has been the most popular set of turf removal equipment in the Unites States over the past few years. SFR LLC enjoys this line of equipment because of how easy it is to operate. It is also the smallest equipment in our arsenal which allows it into tight quarters and indoor facilities. With its simplicity and easy operation precision is not of much concern when using this equipment for a field removal.

Zamboni Grashoppers: The Zamboni Grasshoppers were built in the late 1970s early 80s. SFR LLC found three of these jewels in a warehouse and decided to put them back into the workforce. Originally designed for older generations of turf. The grasshoppers was thought to be to inferior to handle the third generation of turf which is now the industry standard. SFR has taken these machine from the graveyard to being a reliable weapon to have on our side.

Turfmuncher: The Turfmuncher is the oldest piece of equipment that SFR currently has. However it is foundation of our existence. Racking up 2,500 hrs of operation in just two years of our existence. In turn this gives our company the most experienced crews in the world when it comes to extracting infill from artificial turf.

Our turf removal machines were customized in collaboration with Sports Field Removal to create cutting-edge machinery that gets the job done cleanly, quickly and without causing any damage to the field or structures around it.

As a leader in artificial turf removal in the United States, Sports Field Removal also offers comprehensive training on the use and operation of the TurfMuncher 5000. Our professional trainers will provide potential operators with TurfMuncher certification training to be an OSHA-compliant TurfMuncher operator.  To learn more about our training, please click here.

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