Sports Field Removal is a member of the Synthetic Turf Council

The Synthetic Turf Council is on the forefront of innovation and the leading provider of trustworthy information about the artificial turf industry.

The Synthetic Turf Council and its 200 member organizations are focused on encouraging, promoting and facilitating better understanding among all parties involved in the manufacture, selection, delivery and use of today’s advanced synthetic turf systems – which includes reliable removal and recycling of the components of an artificial turf field

Founded in 2003, the 501(c) 6 trade association aims to dispense information that is neutral, objective and validated by independent, current and credible research. This information is deepened through cooperative learning and issue resolution, while outreach initiatives encourage cooperative relationships between industry and end-user organizations.

As an action-oriented organization, the Synthetic Turf Council promotes high standards and high quality in our industry through a respected member certification program and strict code of ethics. Sports Field Removal is one of these accredited businesses providing quality synthetic turf removal and recycling services.

For more information on artificial turf, research and more, visit the Synthetic Turf Council website

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