Bid Request

Disclaimer: We will not work on fields that contain coconut fibers or geofill

    We require ten foot by teen foot entrances for the Turf Muncher
    We will need room for bags and turf (example: open parking lots, practice fields, etc)
    We request they are removed before our arrival or there will be a charge for their removal
    Who will be cutting the turf? We have the ability to cut the turf; however, if the facility wants to resale the field, we suggest they cut the turf
    We can provide, but please advise us if this is not the case
    Will any equipment such as Telehandlers or other equipment be provided?
    Will any laborers be provided to drive equipment and move material?
  • Pounds per square foot
  • Who made the turf?
  • Who installed the turf?
  • Square feet
  • Are there long jump or high jump pits, pole vault runway, play clocks, or any other structures?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.