Artificial turf recycling

Artificial turf is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional grass fields – saving water, removing the need for pesticides, without major maintenance. However, to make it a truly GREEN solution, we must keep the artificial turf and infill out of the landfill once they are past their primes.

Sports Field Removal’s recycling rate can be as high as 95%

The use of synthetic turf in sports fields, stadiums and even indoor arenas has grown exponentially over the past decades. With hundreds of fields being removed and replaced each year, builders, athletic directors and the artificial turf industry as a whole needed an effective and economic solution to recycle a large amount of material.

Sports Field Removal is on the forefront of this recycling effort, leading with an innovative removal and recycling process for artificial turf fields. Most turf field systems are composed of mixed polymers, creating the turf grass, as well as infill components — usually sand and rubber — which fills the grass to add shock absorbency.  All components can be reused or recycled if the removal process is handled appropriately.

Keeping turf and infill out of landfills

With our unique Sports Field Removal method, we are able to remove the grass carpet in wide strips so that it can be reused for other sports fields or repurposed as green patches on putting greens or other areas. We are able to remove very worn or damaged turf and have it chipped into small pieces that can be recycled for other purposes.

The infill components are separated and bagged. By the time we are done with a field, its  elements  can be recycled or reused at an astonishing rate of up to 95 % depending on wear and tear and other factors.

With the ability to recycle not just the artificial turf carpet, but all field components, we proudly say that the artificial turf industry is getting greener all the time – and Sports Field Removal is here to make it happen.

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